Sunday, April 6, 2014

Today of All Days

I woke up in a bad mood this morning and couldn’t shake it all day. About all I could do was feed Toby and watch reruns of Boston Legal, which I do love. It’s now 7:30PM and I’m just getting around to writing LucysBuzz. Rather than whine about my mood, I’m going to post photos I took out of the car yesterday as we drove into Colombo, just to give a flavor of it all. I’ve been dying to take one photo in particular. It’s a billboard visible from an overhead bridge that’s usually full of traffic, so not easy to slow the car down to get a shot, but yesterday was successful! Yea!

Small petrol station. There is no self-serve in Sri Lanka.

Some stop lights now have count-down digits next to them.

Traffic along Marine Drive, a faster way into Colombo
as the main road, Galle Road is under construction
and a real pain in the neck.

Side street up to Galle Road.

Galle Road, where the construction has finished.

Another side street going to our computer place.

One of the large jewellery stores in Colombo.

Construction on Duplication Road. It's election time
and it always seems that during the coming elections
road work gets done.

Never been to this book shop.

This is my favourite billboard! Love it
and finally got the photo!

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