Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Flash Bang! -

Tuesday night

Everyday this last week we’ve had big lightening and thunderstorms. Big enough to turn off the computer quickly so that a big bang won’t fry the machine. Can’t get much work done when the computer’s off, but that’s living in the tropics for you.

Well, today we had another big storm and it was banging away while I was cooking lunch (yes, amazing that I was cooking, eh?). I needed some hot water for the pasta - I learned a new trick from my friend Pierre to heat the water in the electric kettle rather than in a pot on the stove. Boils much faster in the kettle. So, that’s what I did, or thought I did. I didn’t see the kettle light go on and so I turned it on again and it flipped off. Checking the metal part of the kettle to see if it was hot, I touched it with two of my fingers and WHAM! A bolt of electricity ran up my arm to the top of my head and down to my knees. Knocked me back! I yelped and stood there for a moment as it hurt. Hurt badly.

Lipton turned off the kettle at the wall and finished cooking lunch while I sat down and tried to screw my head back on.

Since then, and it’s now 8PM, I’ve had a blinding headache. I took my migraine med but it did nothing. I tried to take a nap, still nothing. By tomorrow I’ll be fine (I am fine!) and I’ll call in the electrician to fix whatever went wrong.

Neither Lipton nor I can remember if there was a loud clap of thunder at the time I got zapped, so I’m not sure it was the storm – perhaps just something faulty with the kettle. I’m sticking to gas until the electrician gets here!

The dastardly kettle!

The plug - will have to have an
electrician out to solve this problem.

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