Friday, April 25, 2014

Spicey & Cool – More of the UK Couple Photos

Since the UK couple who got married in Gampha and partied in Unwatuna were so popular on LucysBuzz, and since I just finished editing all their photos so they can take them back home with them, I’m going to put another mix of the wedding and the party up on the blog. (How’s that for a compound sentence?!)

The Gampha blog so far has 1,800+ views and the Unawatuna one has over 700! Either they’re an uber popular couple or the Wedding and Home Coming are a super interesting topic!

So here you go…back by popular demand!

Photos taken by the entire Team ShadeTree: Lipton Jayawickrama, Lakna Paranamanna, and myself.

Sri Lanka's famous orchids for the bridal bouquet.

Had to get the paddy photos!

A lot of jewellery goes into
the Kandiyan bridal outfit.

The back of the outfit.

Aren't these guys a bit chummy?

The dressed-up tractor.

Chivalry is not dead!


The little girls singing the traditional song.

With this ring, I thee wed!

Mapa feeding Ash the cake.

And in reverse.

The rings and the lotus flower.

We thought this fellow looked like Barney
on When I Met Your Mother!!!

A toast at the beach party.

They must have liked the speech!

Another speech!

They liked what he said!

The toast!

Another speech. A funny one by the looks below!


More cake!

Mapa's turn to speechify!

And Ash!

Mapa's embarrassed!

Congrats time!

The girls!



Lots of dancing!

Lots of smiles!

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