Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sexy Lady!

I am super late getting LucysBuzz up today. There were so many things going on. First the gym workout and then when I got home Lipton was in the middle of a portrait shoot for Samudra Ranatunga, the TV presenter in CSN, professional film commercial model and ramp model. She also has her own TV cooking show called Rasavimana.
The photos Lipton had taken were just gorgeous and I wanted to take some of her, too. But different ones. The photos Lipton took were for a newspaper article on Samundra; soft, pretty, gorgeously wholesome. I wanted to take edgy, sexy, ones of her.
‘But I can’t be sexy,’ cried Samudra.
‘Give me a chance, you’ll see.’ I knew with her pouty lips, long shiny black hair and stunning eyes, I could get sexy from her.
It took awhile for me to get the lighting I wanted. Poor Lipton changed lights for me four times but finally I got what I wanted!
I could be sick to death, with a sprained wrist and broken ankle, but when I pick up the camera to do a portrait shot, all aches and pains disappear. Portraits shoots are my absolute favorite photos to take. I love to crawl into the subject’s eyes and bring out a side they didn’t know they had. Thanks to Samudra, I had a blast shooting her sexy side and took over 300 shots!
Here are a few of them. I had a hard time choosing just a few!

Samudra and Lipton collected
mangos after the shoot!

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