Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It’s Party Time at the Beach!

It’s tradition for Buddhist weddings to first have the wedding at one venue and a second one a few days later, called the Home Coming, at another venue. The bride’s family plans the Wedding and the groom’s family plans the Home Coming. That’s the usual, but in all things there are variations.

The couple from the Gampha wedding that was in yesterday’s LucysBuzz; ­Sivashna (nickname Ash) and Sudath (nickname Mapa) had their Home Coming down south in Unawatuna at a beautiful boutique hotel called Sisindu C. It was guaranteed to be a lot cooler on the beach than in Gampha!

Mapa told me that this event was for all the people who came long distances, i.e. all the way from Australia and the UK and that it was going to be casual and lots of fun. Including an elephant on the beach! Can’t get more fun than that!

Below are just a few photos (like 37! And yes, I did cut them down to just my favorites!) for you to follow the couple to their Home Coming, or in this case a thank you event for all their friends.

This time Ash is feeling great (and
looking beautiful!)
No heatstroke today!

The ellie!

The guests love the elephant!

The guests and the ellie!

Mother and daughter.

A baby turtle!

We wish Ash and Mapa the best of lives!
You were both so great and your guests were super!

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