Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Dog

I totally missed Easter this year. I knew it happened because I saw a bunch of Easter greetings on Facebook today, but I missed it because of all the weddings we had this week.
There is an Easter story, though – never doubt that I don’t have a story!
When I was about 7 or 8, when I think I still believed in the Easter Bunny, my parents snuck into my bedroom to place the Easter basket full of candies by my bedside. I was still awake, but I kept my eyes shut tight, feinting sleep. They were whispering and my beloved stepfather, John, wanted to hang the basket off the curtain rod by my bed, so that I’d wake up thinking the Bunny had missed me. What a jokester! Well, my mother didn’t want me to have one moment of disappointment so John’s idea was nixed. The basket was placed beside my bed and they left the room.
I’ve never been one to cheat and open Christmas or birthday presents early and pasted the paper back so they look unopened. I’ve always liked the waiting for the surprise. That’s part of the fun for me, the waiting. So, I didn’t attack my Easter basket, I went back to sleep.
When morning hit, I looked down at the basket with great anticipation of all the chocolate and especially the Sanders Candy chocolate Easter Bunny, and there was nothing in it except chewed up candy wrappers! It had been raided by Laurie, our family Dalmatian. She’d eaten everything!
So sad, too bad John didn’t get his way and put the basket up on the curtain rod!

My beloved stepfather, John H. Begle
Handsome fellow!

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