Monday, April 7, 2014

When Tennis Shoes Fail

I was at the gym, on the treadmill and going along at warp speed, when suddenly I was stepping on a lump. I quickly hit the ‘stop’ button and looked down and saw nothing. Could it have been a rat? A chipmunk? When I took a step back to look, I felt the lump again. Looking at the bottom of my shoe, I noticed that the sole had come loose. Flap. Flap. Forced to take them off, I finished my workout in my stocking feet. Not easy to do.
So, yesterday I went to one of the Nike stores in town to check out their shoes. Never before have Nike shoes fit me. I’ve always gotten Saucony shoes as they fit better in the heel. But they don’t sell Saucony in Sri Lanka. So, I crossed my fingers and went to the Nike store.
After trying on a billion pairs, I found ones that fit. Of course the really, really cool ones didn’t come in my shoe size, so I settled for the pretty, bright turquoise ones. At least now I can work out in shoes instead of socks! And in style. In fact, I was thinking that they are so pretty, that I could wear them to the next wedding shoot. What do you think?

The six-year-old broken Saucony tennis shoes.
I glued it twice!

The new choices - actually one 2 choices
as the other ones were not my size 40.
I really liked the ones at the top - the
orange and red ones! Alas.

The good fit.

Decision made!
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