Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wedding Tips for the Bride (and a couple for the groom)!

Here's some tips for you, for your wedding. They are also good tips for anyone having a photo shoot done. Enjoy!

1.    If you don’t want shiny lips in your photographs, don’t use lip-gloss.

A nice matte look with just a small
bit of shine from the lipstick, not lip gloss.

2.   If you want natural-looking eyes, don’t wear false eyelashes. Usually they look like dead caterpillars. If you must, then get some expensive ones from abroad.

Unnatural looking.

This bride blinked constantly with her false
eyelashes and so her mother removed them.

The natural look, without false eyelashes.

3.     Take a spare powder compact with you (or with one of your bridesmaids) for when you get ‘shiny’ from the heat.
This shininess can be fixed with PhotoShop
but it's much better to fix with powder.

4.     Get a facial a week before the wedding.

5.     Convince your groom-to-be to get several facials before the wedding. They are the guiltiest of not taking care of their skin and it shows on the wedding photographs.

 6.     Try not to wear glasses for the wedding; glasses give off a glare from the photographer’s lights. Try contact lenses. Get used to them!

Lots of glare on the groom's glasses.

 7.   Take a comfortable pair of shoes for when your feet go dead from the fab-looking 5inch heeled wedding shoes.

 8.     As busy as you are the day before the wedding – get some sleep! You don’t want dark circles under your eyes.

9.     Make sure you eat on the day of the wedding, as you have a long day and food is a must to keep your energy up!

10. Don't go crazy with colored lights at the poruwa or the throne. The colored lights reflect on the bride and groom's skin and they come out looking super pink, or green, or blue. Use white lights where the bride and groom will be. You can accent the room itself with colored lights, just use them sparingly.

See how pink the bride and groom's
faces are - that's the pink light on the throne!

11. Pick a salon dresser who does not use too much make-up. Otherwise you come out looking unnatural and no amount of PhotoShop can fix it!

12. If you have your own make-up foundation that matches your skin color, take that to the salon dresser and have her/him use that. Great way to get your color to be as it should be!

13. Have fun with the photographers. Break out of the box!

This couple was super fun to photograph!

13. Leave plenty of time for the photography. Remember – the more time, the more creative the photographers can be.

This happy bride had a flare
for the dramatic! The more dramatic
the better!

14. If you remember, thank the photographers in your thank you speeches – it goes a long way to make the photographers feel special!

 15. And lastly - SMILE!

Note: No matter if you choose us as your photographers, or someone else, have a great, happy day!

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